I saw DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER sang "Song For My Father" (A jazz standard)"in Live in Puerto Rico on Youtube.↓

and I posted "an unpopular view". ↓ in the comment section on Youtube

(Jegie wrote;)

『 This is contrary to the cool jazz,....rather "rock music" or something bad. She is so over-rated 」

 and then, a person from the other side of the world emotionally expressed opposition.

(A MORAN replied;)

 『Jegie Lattega are you fuckin' crazy have you ever heard her sing. This was in Puerto Rico so she had to put in a little spice. Checkout her album dedicated to Mr. Horace Silver before you write stupid shit like that. She's not overrated but very much underrated at times for an artist that's been an understudy of Ms. L. Horne and has won a Tony Award and a Grammy. So next time do your God damn homework before you criticise a legend like Ms. Bridgewater's you fuckin' momo』

 So... I replied again.↓( this is good ! I love interaction/exchanging opinion (^ ^)

(Jegie revoked)

『 I appreciate your straight-forward ,frank comment,Mr.boricuajazz8. I feel your passion of music and understand your motif of what you expressing.But it is so "authoritarian" !

One part within your comment modestly interested me was that ;" This is in Puerto Rica so she had to put a little spice".

Thank you and I thought about its possiblity.

But , still no ! (I don't withdraw my opinion regardless your "name calling" behavior )

For me, the way she touches herself, the way she dance around like boo-doo black magic woman.... I almost threw up.

I don't care about the singer's award-winning(it's all "rigged"!), career ,record sales etc....

However,I do care one, single thing....called " singing". 

This is all my basis. (take it or leave it )

I don't need any authority to tell me otherwise.

And,Mr .boricuajazzz8, I shall even provoke you, by telling one last thing;

I CAN SING BETTER THAN HER(= Dee Dee woman, Bridgegate, Waterbridge?).

Well, having said that, you can call me "im-modest person", but it's not a crime, is it?

And at least I have my "independent thinking" and guts to tell unpopular opinion against the main stream view which almost always dazzled and mezmolized by Freemason-owned music industry/media and their loyal musicans.

And innocent/naieve mind like you, refrained from seeking the truth and ingenuity, are controlled to think "this(=she) is special few" ! 』


(A MORAN replied again ;)

Jegie Lattega I want to apologies to you for my early expresions. Sure you are entitled to your opinion. I'm not trying to excuse my improper words, it's just that I'm extremely passionate about music. Especially Jazz. See I was a professional musician for almost 20 years when I was younger. These days I play for me and for enjoyment. I'm retired. I played Jazz, trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piano, Latin Jazz, and "Salsa" or like they call it today tropical music, which in my opinion sucks, and is stupid because the word tropical is related to climate or weather. Not even the word Caribbean music seems correct because In the Caribbean there are many cultures which don't have much in comun, except for the drum playing which comes from Africa and the slaves. "Sorry just a little bit of musical history, see how passionate I am. Also being a retired teacher doesn't help either. Another thing you said regarding Ms. Bridgewaters' dancing improperly like a voodoo thing. Remember Jegie, that Jazz music is really African-Americans music, they feel the rhythm and express it in that way or fashion.It's like the "blues music" which was the cry of the black slaves when they had to work from dawn till' dusk for the slave masters. They were prohibited to practice their own Yoruba religion and comform to Christianity. In North America they were forced not to use their Afrucan names and take or use the masters last name. That's why many African-Americans have last names like Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, King etc. Only in the Caribbean were they aloud to use their real names in some cases and practice their religion and also use the drum. Which was a way of communication in African from tribe to tribe. Sorry, but I also taught English in High School and history in college. Well sorry once again, and you are welcome back to my channel anytime. I hope we can be friends. Sincerely Mr. Jazz Eliott (a.k.a boricuajazzz8)』

(and then,Jegie revoked again)

『Thank you for your generosity, I think you are good person.just misguided a bid.  (...although all you professed were noted; anthropological respects,history of musical instrument, and slavaries and african-american's are inheritant to Freemason master's last name ,like you wrote; George "Washington" was the founder of US Freemason, the first president of the United States.  And you still throw your career in professional music which I have too, but I don't try to patronize someone.  Oh, by the way, don't trust written history which always "teachers" repeats what "they" want us to think and be controlled.  So, don't "jounir" me, nor " son" me !  Instead, call me paranoid, but....  This JAZZ Festival in Purto Rica was sponsored by Heineken , right? Mr. Jazz Eliott?  I wasn't realized until you said see her singing.but came to think... HEINEKEN is the ,well-know FREEMASON/Satanic worshipping "secret society" company. and so strong market share in entire central America where I once lived there 25 years ago. Want a proof ? Google like "HEINEKEN,FREE MASON" and you see "666"(satanic numbers) in their reverse logo, headquarter building shape in Germany was Free Mason Logo. Heineken's Alfred Henry 'Freddy' Heineken, grandson of Heineken founder Gerard Adriaan was a Freemason.)  If She was NOT the FREE MASON doll musician, she wasn't there in the first place.   Having said that, you observe again this clip and DEE DEE BRIDGWATER 's the way of dancing and you may see obviously VOODOO BLACK MAGIC/Satanic worshipping which is So FREE MASIONARY.  Now you can BAN me from your channel ,  Happy retirement ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ』

And the story turn out of the blue ,twisted like unexpected turn this guy was really good,loving person.

( he replied again)
『Jegie Lattega no my friend look I said it's your opinion and I respect that. When it comes to Freemasonry I can't commemt on that for personal reasons but I know much about the subject. You see Jegie I became the youngest 9th Degree Mason before a turned 28 years old many years ago. I was also a member of the Rosacruz and Luciferian Chapter in New York City no bullshit. So I know the real thing from conspiracy crap. That's the only thing I will say or I am permitted to say. We can talk about music all you want but the other stuff is off limits. Sorry...』


Soooooooo,what do you think, my Japanese friends. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ